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About Quaken Aspen

Cultivating Quality, Sowing Sustainability.


Quaking Aspen is committed to building strong and lasting partnerships with our customers. By providing exceptional service, quality products, and dependable delivery, we will help your store succeed.


Quality is at the forefront of our campus. Our cannabis flower and craft concentrates are respectfully grown and extracted. This results in a complex and nuanced sensory experience for connoisseurs and canna curious.


Sustainability is at the core of our campus. Our cultivation facilities use 40% less water than traditional grows by utilizing rainwater and innovative reclamation technologies to capture water from AC units and dehumidifiers. Packaging is sourced from recycled plastic, biodegradable hemp, and recycled paper to minimize environmental impact.


Service is paramount for success. Our products come pre-labeled, delivered timely, and ready to retail. There is no delivery fee and we back 100% of our products.


  • Ascend: All about high spirits and high energy. These sativa dominant strains will elevate and empower your day.
  • Campsite: socialize and connect. It’s the perfect balance to unwind, and connect with the people and world around you.
  • Day Trip: A blend focused on freedom and a sense of euphoria. Break free from the monotony and immersing yourself in the excitement of the world around you.
  • Drift: Rest, relaxation, and calm. These Indica dominant strains can help you disconnect from the stress.


Let us craft your experience.


At Quaking Aspen, we believe that educating our customers is just as important as providing high-quality cannabis products and exceptional service. That’s why we are dedicated to educating our customers on the unique properties of our different cannabis products and how they can enhance their experiences.


Through our website and in-person consultations, we provide detailed information on the various feelings-based products we offer, including their effects, recommended dosage, and potential side effects.


Quaking Aspen is a customer focused company.  We supply and manufacture products that consumers want.  Our customers are dispensaries, and these are the places that interact directly with the consumer.  We require and encourage feedback so that we grow and then make the right products.  Our partners have the deep understanding of their customers that we both need to thrive.

Meet our team

The Quaking Aspen team is made up of some of the best buds.

Koray O.


Nicolas J.

Store Manager

Hannah W.


Noah P.




Lana S.


Phoenix B.


Katherine M.